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Client experience is integral to our core values

Our friendly and approachable team of specialist lawyers work closely with you to assist in dealing with your legal matters. We want to build lasting relationships and we will go the extra mile to reach the best outcome for you. We are transparent with both our advice and associated costs and pay careful consideration to both the legal and financial implications you may face.

Helping People since 1824

We can trace our roots all the way back to 1824, when solicitor John Wadsworth set up as an attorney on Fletcher Gate. Twenty-six years later, in 1850, George Bell Rothera – the first of six generations in his family to work in the legal profession – established the firm Rotheras. Whilst we have undergone a number of transformations since then our reputation as a friendly, respected and forward-thinking firm has remained consistent.

Our Heritage

The Rotheras name is synonymous with history, culture and prestige. Our roots can be traced back as far as 1824 and in that near 200 years, we have constantly excelled in serving the community with a level of service and expertise unparalleled anywhere else. We’re proud of our heritage, but are also focused on our future. Our values are not just held by the firm, but by each and every person who comes to work here, and have been chosen specifically with this thought in mind.

So whether it’s your first experience with us, be it in person, over the phone or even if you’re looking to become one of us, these ideals will always be centric to how we conduct ourselves and the reason we continue to lead the industry. Without them, we may become what we all strive to avoid most of all – to be the same as every other law firm.

– Christina Yardley, CEO

Rotheras Firm Values – what we’re made of

Our values define the core elements of the firm-they are at the heart of what we do and highlight everything we stand for:

R-Relationships and collaboration-We want to fully understand our clients’ needs to ensure we can provide them with the best possible service. We believe that collaborating with our clients and colleagues and sharing ideas enhances our working experience and helps us find the optimum solutions. We are dedicated to working closely with individuals and organisations in the local community to make a positive difference.

O-Openness, integrity and transparency-We treat clients the way we want to be treated, by being respectful, honest and trustworthy and acting in their best interests. We embrace diversity and the opinions of others. We encourage our people to be ambassadors for the firm and welcome their contributions and ideas. We hold ourselves accountable for the results we achieve for our clients.

T-Thriving-We are ambitious and fully support our people in pursuing their aspirations so they excel at what they do. Our appetite knows no bounds and we relish the opportunities to grow as a firm. We identify the strengths and talents of our people and provide them with the tools, experiences and opportunities to grow.

H-Heart-We are passionate about looking after our clients and our staff and helping them achieve their goals, retaining the best talent and being seen as the firm to work for. We are friends, not just colleagues. Our people are fuelled by performing to the highest standard.

E-Excellence– We aim to be seen as the legal service provider of choice for clients in Nottinghamshire and beyond by building quality, value and distinctiveness into the work we do. We want to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide them with a service that is efficient but thorough. We are always taking steps to further improve our performance.

R-Refreshing and innovative-We are proud of our heritage but are not averse to trying new methods and processes as the needs of our clients and staff evolve or if we think there is a better way to do things. We are excited about change and the new possibilities it brings and are open to new ways of working that enable us to grow.

A-Approachable Culture-We pride ourselves on the friendliness of our staff towards clients and each other. We make time for everyone, show a genuine interest in each other and develop meaningful relationships to better understand each individual’s objectives and ambitions.

S-Sustainability-We strive to be a firm that leads the way in sustainability. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact both as individuals and collectively as a firm. We are constantly reviewing our processes to identify where we can reduce waste and provide an ethical and inspiring environment for our clients and staff.

Parked vans

Does my van need an Operator’s Licence?

You usually only need an operator’s licence if you operate goods vehicles or public service vehicles over 3.5t; however, as a result of Brexit, from May 2022 the UK is introducing new regulations meaning that certain vans between 2.5t and 3.5t will require an operators’ licence or they could be operating unlawfully.

conveyancing paralegal

We’re Recruiting: Conveyancing Paralegal

An excellent opportunity has arisen for a Paralegal to work with our widely respected Residential Conveyancing team. Our Residential Conveyancing department are experts in a wide variety of conveyancing matters and are a major name in the provision of conveyancing services in the East Midlands and nationwide.

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