Business Disputes

Business disputes can be challenging, costly and at their worst, bitter. Not only do they disrupt the day to day operations of your organisation, but they can have a detrimental impact on its reputation and in some cases lead to the company being forced to enter into winding up proceedings.

At Rotheras our Dispute Resolution team have substantial experience in managing business disputes and have the expertise to negotiate even the most complex of disagreements to diffuse the situation and prevent matters from escalating further.

We understand the importance to you of protecting your relationships with customers, suppliers, business partners and stakeholders, so we provide a pragmatic approach to identify the right solutions and protect your business interests.

Why use Rotheras for Business Dispute Resolution?

Our team has decades of experience in resolving business disputes for companies of various sizes in different sectors.

We can advise on various methods for resolving disputes, from negotiation, mediation and arbitration to court proceedings.

When you instruct us you will be assigned a fully qualified team member who will assess your case and individual requirements.

We can draw on the experience of our specialists from various aspects of both corporate and commercial law to provide you with comprehensive advice that addresses all your legal queries.

We will keep you informed and updated throughout as to the likely costs.

We provide clear, practical advice and solutions as well as regular updates on the progress your case.

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Business Dispute Resolution

Richard Bates


Richard Bates leads the litigation and dispute resolution team at Rotheras. Richard is a litigation specialist and can provide a wide range of services to both commercial and private clients.

Richard Hammond


Richard Hammond is a dispute resolution specialist and mediator at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors. Richard is also a Notary Public, processing client documents for international use.

Terhi Sygrove

Recoveries Manager

Terhi Sygrove is a debt recovery specialist and head of the debt recovery department at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Paige Regardsoe

Trainee Solicitor

Paige Regardsoe is a Trainee Solicitor in our Dispute Resolution department and is based at our Lace Market office.

Millie Moreton


Millie Moreton is a paralegal in Rotheras commercial and dispute resolution departments and is based at our Lace Market office.


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