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recruting a personal injury solicitor

We’re Recruiting: Personal Injury Lawyer

We have a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic and dedicated Personal Injury lawyer to join our team here at Rotheras.

Cycling during lockdown – be wary of drivers flouting speed limits due to empty roads

I was very concerned to read that the Police are reporting a significant increase in the number of drivers who are using the quieter roads during the UK wide lockdown as an opportunity to speed. Whilst out on my daily walk yesterday, I noticed several cars travelling well in excess of the 30-mph speed limit […]

whiplash reforms

Whiplash reforms delayed until April 2021

The whiplash reforms are a package of measures introduced by the Ministry of Justice to change the way low value claims arising out of a road traffic accident are dealt with. The reforms were first proposed in 2015 with a view to making it harder for people to claim compensation for exaggerated or fraudulent whiplash […]

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