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Conveyancing Solicitors in Nottingham

Conveyancing can be stressful, confusing and complex whether you are buying or selling a property.

Fortunately, Rotheras Solicitors are here to help you. With a dedicated account handler, you will always have one person to talk to who knows about your transaction.

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Property and Conveyancing Solicitors

A property transaction is likely to be one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. It is important to get it right.

It does not matter if you are buying, selling, releasing equity, buying freehold or leasehold. A conveyancing transaction can quickly become stressful, confusing and complex.

Because of this, it is important you instruct a solicitor and law firm that you can trust. A firm that will put your interests first. That will foresee any potential problems which could cause delays. That will make sure the process runs smoothly for you.

The residential conveyancing team at Rotheras are experts in a wide variety of conveyancing matters. With a friendly and approachable service, the team will support you and keep you updated at all stages. We have an incredible track record of properties behind handled swiftly and efficiently to get you moving.

Whatever your needs, whether you’re a first-time buyer just getting onto the property market, want to transfer equity or buy your council house, we’re here to help.




Conveyancing Fees at Rotheras Solicitors

Transparency of our costs and legal fees are important to us. That is why we layout our conveyancing fees in a clear way. Where possible, we keep fixed fees so you know what you are expected to pay.

Freehold Sale or Purchase Fees

£594 (inc. VAT) to around £3000 (inc. VAT)

Prices vary depending on the type of house.

A typical house purchase will start at around £594 (inc. VAT). Meanwhile, a substantial historic building will be more around the £3000 (inc. VAT) price range.

If there are special complications on the transaction of the property – for example, if the legal title is defective – this may increase the fees.

These fees do not include disbursements.

More information on Freehold Fees


Leasehold Sale or Purchase Fees

£780 (inc. VAT) to around £2500 (inc. VAT)

Prices vary depending on the leasehold.

A simple transaction with no complications will be around £780 (inc. VAT). Meanwhile, a leasehold with a defective lease could see fees around £2500 (inc. VAT).

Any special complications on the transaction of the leasehold – for example, difficulties in obtaining management packs from a third party – may increase the fees.

These fees do not include disbursements.

More information on Leasehold Fees


Remortgage Fees

£480 (inc. VAT) to £780 (inc. VAT)

Prices vary depending on the type of mortgage.

Remortgages on a freehold will be around £480 (inc. VAT). Meanwhile, remortgages on a leasehold could see fees around £780 (inc. VAT)

Any complications on the transaction could see the fees increase.

These fees do not include disbursements.

More information on Remortgage Fees



Third-party payments are required during a conveyancing transaction. These payments are called disbursement fees and paid on your behalf by Rotheras.

Search Fees

Approximately £228 depending on the Local Authority.

This is a cost paid to the Local Authority where the property is located. It is required to learn more about the property before a sale is completed. The purpose is to uncover any known details that may negatively impact the value of the property in the future.


Land Registry Fees

This is set by the Land Registry according to the purchase price (see Land Registry fee scale on their website).


Electronic Money Transfer Fee


This is a fee charged for the cost of transferring the mortgage money from the lender to the solicitor.




We will add VAT to our charges at the rate which applies when the work is one.


Stamp Duty Land Tax

You may have to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax on your conveyancing transaction. The amount charged will depend on the purchase price of the property.

You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’s website.

We will organise the payment of this on your behalf.



When do I need to pay the conveyancing fees?

On instruction, you will need to pay a balance to cover any expected disbursement fees. This is so funds are available to pay third parties. As a result, any delays are minimised from your end.

These are the only costs you will need to pay upfront.

The conveyancing fees themselves will not need to be paid until the contracts are exchanged if you are buying or the sale completes if you are selling.

Extra disbursement fees may be needed during the process. If required, you will be informed of this at the time.



How do I get a conveyancing quote?

Getting a conveyancing quote is the best way to get a price based on your personal transaction.

A conveyancing quote will be based on any features specific to your property.

To get a conveyancing quote for Rotheras, simply call our office or send us a message using the contact form.

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What are the stages of buying a property?

The stages of buying, or selling, a property will be different for every sale. However, they all usually follow the same type of stages. These are:

  • Take your instructions and give any initial advice required
  • Check finances are in place to fund the purchase
  • Receive and advise on contract documents
  • Carry out searches
  • Obtain further planning documentation if required
  • Raise any necessary enquiries of the seller’s solicitor
  • Give you advice on all documents and information received
  • Advise on the conditions of your mortgage offer
  • Send final contract to you for signature
  • Draft transfer document
  • Provide advise on joint ownership
  • Exchange contracts and notify you
  • Obtain pre-completion searches
  • Arrange for all monies required to be received from your lender and you
  • Complete purchase
  • Deal with payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax
  • Register your ownership of the property with the Land Registry

Difficulties in your transaction can happen at any one of these stages. This is why buying and selling property can become complicated, complex and stressful.

A trained solicitor has the experience to manage any of these difficulties and is able to resolve them.



Do I need a solicitor to buy a property?

It is not a legal requirement to use a solicitor to purchase or sell a property.

However, conveyancing transactions can be of very high value. Additionally, there any many stages involved to buy a property.

Should anything go wrong, you could find yourself with a very expensive mistake and with no legal grounds to defend yourself on.

By using trained and qualified solicitors, you have the confidence that your property purchase or sale has been done correctly. Meaning you should not have to worry about any unexpected costs in the future.



Why choose Rotheras Solicitors for your Conveyancing?

Hidden surprises and unexpected costs are the last things you would want. Because of this, we make our conveyancing process is open and transparent.

We will be clear about costs, timescales and expenses. And should any unforeseen circumstances happen? Then you will be made fully aware of any extra work needed and what has caused them.

You will have one qualified conveyancing team member dealing with your case. They will work with you from start to finish so they can get to know you and your requirements. Your case handler will keep you informed about any updates.

To ensure there is always someone you can contact, you will be given the direct phone and email address of your case handler and their assistant. This means that you can always speak to someone to get matters dealt with swiftly, with no delays.

Your case handler will communicate with you the way you like. Whether you want to stay updated on your conveyancing online through email, phone or face-to-face.

As well as being authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Rotheras is accredited with the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

This is a mark of excellence that confirms our processes and procedures have been approved. It ensures a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices that you can be confident in.

We are on several housing association panels including Metropolitan, Derwent Housing, East Midlands Housing and Waterloo Homes.

All types of conveyancing transactions can be completed by Rotherras. This includes; sales, purchases, freehold, leasehold, new builds.

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Michelle Young

“We explain costs clearly – so there’s no hidden surprises”

Michelle Young
Head of Conveyancing

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Conveyancing Fees

Our fees made clear:

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Our Conveyancing Team

Michelle Young

Michelle Young

Michelle Young is a residential property specialist and heads up the residential property team at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Lucy Pettitt

Lucy Pettitt

Lucy Pettitt has amassed over 12 years of experience in all aspects of Conveyancing.

Emily Weston

Emily Weston

Emily Weston is as a Senior Associate Solicitor in the Residential Conveyancing team and is based primarily at our Beeston office.


Laura Smith

Laura Smith is a Licensed Conveyancer in the residential property department at Rotheras Solicitors and is based at our Lace Market Office.

Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown

Kerry Brown is a residential property specialist at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Jo Goddard

Johanna Goddard

Jo Goddard has over 20 years experience specialising in all aspects of residential conveyancing and regularly acts for clients on sales, purchases, remortgages and transfers of equity and is part of one of the largest conveyancing teams across the East Midlands.

Kerry Redfern

Kerry Redfern

Kerry Redfern is a residential property specialist at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Joanne Derbyshire

Joanne Derbyshire

Joanne Derbyshire is a Solicitor in Rotheras’ conveyancing department and is based at our Beeston office.

Sally Cooper

Sally Cooper

Sally is our first point of contact for any new conveyancing enquiries that come in to the department and provides a bespoke quoting service for prospective clients, estate agents and other referrers of work.

Penelope Baird

Penelope Baird

Penelope Baird is a Paralegal in Rotheras residential conveyancing department and is based at our Beeston office.

Vicki Ettles

Vicki Ettles

Vicki Ettles is a Paralegal in the residential conveyancing department at Rotheras and is based at our Lace Market office.

Grace Millward

Grace Millward

Grace Millward is a Paralegal in Rotheras Residential Conveyancing department and is based at the Beeston office.

Hollie Moore

Hollie Moore

Hollie Moore is a Senior Paralegal in the Conveyancing department.

Ellie Robinson

Ellie Robinson is a Senior Paralegal in the residential conveyancing department at Rotheras and is based at our West Bridgford office.

Lucy Dixon

Lucy Dixon

Lucy Dixon is a Paralegal in Rotheras’ Conveyancing department and is based at our Beeston branch.

Sophie Lydon

Sophie Lydon

Sophie Lydon is a Paralegal in Rotheras’ Conveyancing department and is based at our Lace Market office in the heart of Nottingham city centre.

Joanna Merriman

Joanna Merriman

Joanna Merriman in Associate Solicitor in our Conveyancing department. Joanna is based at our Head Office in the Lace Market.

Safina Frankson

Safina Metcalfe

Safina Metcalfe is a Paralegal based within our Residential Conveyancing department. Safina is based at our Head Office in the Lace Market.

Shelby Richardson

Shelby Richardson is a Senior Paralegal in Rotheras’ Conveyancing department and is based at our West Bridgford branch.

Telephone Receptionist

We’re Recruiting: Telephone Receptionist

An opportunity has arisen to join our team as a Telephone Receptionist.  This person will be the first point of contact for all inbound telephone enquiries.

We are looking for a friendly and cheery person who has excellent communication skills.  You will be dealing with clients on the telephone, taking messages and passing calls on to other members of staff.

The role is full-time, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, and can be based at our office in The Lace Market in Nottingham or at home or a mixture of the two (hybrid working).

External Transport Manager

A Short Guide to Meeting Your Responsibilities as an External Transport Manager

It is not easy being an External Transport Manager. You have the same responsibilities as a full-time in-house Transport Manager however you might only be contracted for a handful of hours a week in the case of a single vehicle operator. Even for a diligent External Transport Manager it can be difficult to exercise continuous and effective control when you may only see the vehicles you are responsible for a few hours a week.

This guide is intended to be a short, no-nonsense crib sheet for External Transport Managers. It is by no means comprehensive, but it does flag up some of the more common issues that can ultimately lead to problems with the Traffic Commissioner.

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