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Advice on employment law for employees

Employment law solicitors can help advise, guide and support you, as an employee, through any employment disputes you might be going through.

With an expert team of employment solicitors, Rotheras are available to advise you on all employment issues within the workplace. Whether that is redundancy, settlement agreements, unfair dismissal, discrimination and much more.

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Employment lawyers ready to help you

Facing a difficult situation with your employer can be challenging. You may find it stressful and confusing. It may be impacting you in different areas of your life. Making you worried about the future.

At the end of the day, you want the issue resolving quickly. Whether you are facing discrimination, performance allegations, bullying and harassment or disciplinary proceedings. All these issues could have an impact on your income, professional reputation and future job prospects.


Has the current global healthcare crisis impacted your employment? Do you require employment law advice because of it? We’re here to help, please get in touch with Natalie Abbott on 0115 910 6244 or email



Why should I use an employment law solicitor?

Your rights and the laws surrounding them as an employee can be confusing. This can be made additionally confusing when taking into account a company’s policies and terms of employment.

With so many different pieces of law and company policies, it can become difficult to resolve issues without specialist legal advice.

Regardless of the type of employment or discrimination issue within the workplace, our employment law team can help. Either through legal advice, so you can act by yourself, or by representing you.

Whether you are about to start a new job and need advice on your contract of employment, or are facing an issue whilst employed or have been forced out of your job. Regardless of your situation, we can help you at any stage of your employment. We will provide nothing but practical advice and solutions at a cost effective rate.


What can an employment law lawyer do for me?

An employment lawyer gives advice and guidance on legal issues between yourself, as the employee, and the company you work for. This can be a business you currently work for or a company you have previously worked for.

Some areas of employment law we specialise in include:


Why use Rotheras for employment law advice for employees?

Everyone deserves fair and legal representation. As a result, we have acted for a number of professionals across a range of different industries and sectors. Whether you are an employee, senior executive, partner or director, we are happy to offer fair and legal advice.

In most cases, it is preferable to reach a solution with your employer through negotiation. However, if this is not feasible, we have significant experience in taking cases to court or tribunals.

You may choose to resolve your employment issues independently or through alternative dispute resolution, such as through employment tribunal claims. This can be a more cost effective method. Should you choose to take this route, our employment law solicitors are happy to provide advice and guidance.

You may be worried about damaging your relationship with your employer.

We will discuss your situation in detail with you. Due to our extensive experience, we can help identify how to effectively manage and negotiate the matter with your employer. All with the aim to prevent any damage to your relationship.

Rotheras are award-winning and have top-rated reviews on Google. Our employment solicitors in Nottingham are happy to provide legal guidance anywhere in the UK. Take a look at our Google reviews for your own peace of mind.


How can I fund employment law advice?

There are several funding options available for resolving an employment issue or pursuing a claim against your employer. Options vary depending on if you are seeking to negotiate or take the matter to an employment tribunal or civil court.

We are always happy to discuss your situation with you and talk through the various funding options available to you.

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