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Life as a transport lawyer: Chris Powell on ‘A Half Dozen Things’ Podcast 

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Rotheras’ Senior Associate Chris Powell recently spoke to Pete Rushmer, Founder and Managing Director of Flagship Partners and host of the podcast ‘A Half Dozen Things’ about his work as a transport lawyer at Rotheras. 

Written by
Transport Solicitor
Chris Powell
Senior Associate Solicitor

During the podcast Pete and Chris covered topics and questions such as: 

Chris’s background and how he got into law 

· Why did Chris decide to pursue transport law, and how did he start working in that area? 

· What does he like about working as a transport lawyer? 

“It’s a great feeling helping someone turn a business around and get them from a condition where they could be losing everything to having a bright future ahead of them.” 

The role of a transport lawyer 

· What does the job of a transport regulatory lawyer entail? 

· What is the difference between the criminal and regulatory elements of a transport lawyer’s work? 

“Almost every transport infringement is an offence you can be prosecuted for, but the vast majority are not prosecuted, especially when it’s a minor matter as it’s not in the public interest.” 

· What is a public inquiry? 

· How much power does the Traffic Commissioner have? 

· What are the possible outcomes at a public inquiry? 

· What role does a transport lawyer play in a public inquiry? 

“A large part of the role is helping the operator fix their shortcomings as quickly as possible so that when the public inquiry happens, we’re able to say for example: “we accept some of the allegations, these are the reasons why they happened, here’s what we’ve done about it and here’s the evidence in black and white.”” 

· What is a Driver Conduct Hearing? 

· What is a DVSA interview under caution? 

· What is challenging civil penalties for illegal migrant stowaways and how can a transport lawyer help? 

“At the end of the day a haulier, particularly if they’re picking up a pre-loaded trailer or goods that have been loaded by somebody else, has a responsibility over what they’re transporting, but in reality, it’s very difficult for a driver to inspect each and every load.” 

· What is challenging Border Force or HMRC truck seizures? 

What a Public Inquiry hearing is like for an operator or Transport Manager 

· Who is present at a Public Inquiry hearing? 

· What will you be asked at a Public Inquiry? 

· What happens if you have legal representation? 

· What are the various reasons you could be called to a Public Inquiry? 

Most memorable cases 

· What has been your most challenging case? 

· What has been your most rewarding case? 

To listen to the podcast, visit:

If you are an operator or Transport Manager needing advice or help with a transport infringement or attending a Public Inquiry or Driver Conduct Hearing, speak to one of our transport solicitors today. Contact us on 0115 910 0600 or email

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