Motoring Offence Law

If you’re being convicted of a motoring offence it can be a harrowing experience that has a life-changing impact not just on you but in most cases on your family as well. You could face penalty points on your licence, a significant fine or in more serious cases jail time.

Motoring offences can range from speeding, drink driving and drug driving to careless or dangerous driving, failing to stop or report an accident or failing to provide driver details and motoring law is not always easy to navigate, so getting specialist advice from experienced motoring lawyers is vital.

Whether you need legal representation for a motoring offence, or have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution you need to respond to our motorist defence team at Rotheras can help. We would advise contacting our team as soon as you can, as delaying the process of dealing with any type of motoring offence can result in an increased penalty or losing the chance to appeal.

We’re up front about costs, visit Our Fees pages on our microsite Keep Me On The Road, for complete price transparency

We have a site dedicated solely to Motoring Offences whilst still using the same expert Transport solicitors, so if you’re looking for more information about types of offences, our team, where we operate or case studies from some of our previous clients, then head over to Keep Me On The Road. If you feel you’ve read enough and want to speak to one of the country’s leading transport Law teams, give us a call now on 0115 910 0600.

Why use Rotheras for Motoring Offences?

We have significant experience dealing with a wide range of motoring offences.

We will discuss the circumstances of your offence in detail with you to decide on the best approach, whether that’s defending your case or aiming to keep any sentence to a minimum.

We act for clients across the UK.

We can often help to reduce or avoid a disqualification.

We can represent you in court where necessary.

We can advise on a variety of offences as well as procedures such as NIPs and exceptional hardship.

We can provide police station representation.

We offer an out of hours service.

We can provide a free initial consultation.

We can meet with you in person or communicate with you via phone or email.

Where we are unable to represent you in court ourselves, we will brief you case to a well-known and trusted barrister or advocate.

You will be assigned a dedicated solicitor who will handle your matter from start to finish.

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“Our experienced and specialist team represent clients nationally on a day-to-day basis”

Anton Balkitis
Head of Transport Law

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Motorist Offence Team

Anton Balkitis


Anton Balkitis leads the transport law team and is a nationally recognised road transport lawyer and motoring law specialist at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Olivia Maginn


Olivia Maginn is a transport and motoring law specialist at Nottingham based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Chris Powell


Chris Powell specialises in road transport law and motoring defence. He advises and represents haulage and PSV operator licence holders and drivers on all road transport regulatory matters.

Hardeep Chumber


Hardeep Chumber is a paralegal in Rotheras Motoring and Transport department and is based at our Lace Market office.


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