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If you are caught speeding in the UK then you are breaking the law, but by just accepting the allegation you could end up receiving unnecessary points, a disqualification through totting up or even a charge for dangerous driving.

Generally speaking, the punishment you receive for speeding will depend on the severity of the offence. You will usually receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution which you have to respond to within 28 days stating who was driving the vehicle at the time of the offence. You may then either be offered a speed awareness course or issued a Fixed Penalty Notice of three penalty points and a minimum £100 fine; however if you accumulate more than 12 points within a three year period you will be automatically disqualified from driving.

Current speed limits in the UK are 20mph or 30mph in built-up areas; 60mph on single carriageways; and 70mph on dual carriage and motorways. Depending on the type and level of speeding offence you have committed, an endorsement code and a number of penalty points will be put on your driving record for four years; these include:

SP10 – exceeding goods vehicle speed limits; 3-6 points

SP20 – exceeding speed limit for type of vehicle (excludes goods or passenger vehicles); 3-6 points

SP30 – exceeding statutory speed limit on public road; 3-6 points

SP40 – exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit; 3-6 points

SP50 – exceeding speed limit on a motorway; 3-6 points

At Rotheras our motoring defence team have considerable experience in challenging speeding offences on behalf of clients and appealing cases where a client has already been convicted.

We have a site dedicated solely to Motoring Offences whilst still using the same expert Transport solicitors, so if you’re looking for more information about types of offences, our team, where we operate or case studies from some of our previous clients, then head over to KeepMeOnTheRoad. If you feel you’ve read enough and want to speak to one of the country’s leading transport Law teams, give us a call now on 0115 910 0600.

Why use Rotheras for Speeding Offences?

We will assess your situation to best advise you on how to defend your speeding offence or get a reduced punishment.

We represent clients all over the UK.

We provide a free initial consultation (state how many minutes?).

We can provide an out of hours service.

If you contest the charge at court we can advise and guide you through the court process.

We may be able to help you defend a charge even where there is evidence against you, such as being caught be a speed camera or police radar.

We can help you with:

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“Our experienced and specialist team represent clients nationally on a day-to-day basis”

Anton Balkitis
Head of Transport Law

If you’re happy then we’re happy too.

4.8 193 reviews

Posted 01/27/2020

This was my first experience using a solicitor, something I felt quite daunted about. Rotheras (Greg and Petra) put me at ease and were very helpful.

Mollie Fish

Posted 01/27/2020

Last year I experienced a car accident, as a front seat passenger. I put forward a personal injury claim with Rotheras. From start to finish, my claim has been dealt with efficiently and professionally, and I have always felt my best interests were considered. All communications were made via letter or email to inform me of all further updates. My claim has now come to an end and I am very happy with the overall outcome. I would recommend Rotheras for their service.

Samya Green

Posted 02/04/2020

We cannot recommend Chris Powell of Rotheras more highly. Mr Powell demonstrated the upmost professionalism with a high level of knowledge of the area for which he was representing us. Anyone needing representation/advice regarding the area of haulage will find that Chris Powell and Rotheras are the best choice.

Karen Walker

Posted 02/04/2020

Claim dealt with efficiently and to a satisfactory conclusion. Wayne Vickers visited me at home initially and explained everything thoroughly. Professional service throughout. Recommended

Clare Stevens

Contact our Motoring Offence Team
Motorist Offence Team
Anton Balkitis

Anton Balkitis

Anton Balkitis leads the Transport Law team and is a nationally recognised Transport and Motoring Law specialist at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Olivia Maginn

Olivia Maginn

Olivia Maginn is a transport and motoring law specialist at Nottingham based law firm Rotheras Solicitors.

Transport Solicitor

Chris Powell

Chris Powell is an associate solicitor at Rotheras, specialising in road transport law and motorist defence. He advises and represents haulage and PSV operator licence holders and drivers on all road transport regulatory matters.

Lindsey Richmond

Lindsey Richmond

Lindsey is a Chartered Legal Executive and Paralegal based in our transport and motorist offence department.

Hardeep Chumber

Hardeep Chumber

Hardeep Chumber is a paralegal in Rotheras Motoring and Transport department and is based at our Lace Market office.

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw is a paralegal in Rotheras Transport department and is based at our Lace Market office.

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