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Notary services – Business and Personal

A Notary Public is internationally recognised and authorised to prepare and certify the signing of various documents. It is their job to authenticate who you are and what is stated in the document. They can bridge the gap between UK law and overseas law by ensuring that legal documents you rely upon are checked, verified and suitable for your needs.

If you need a document authenticating so it can be used overseas you will usually require the services of a notary.

It is a notary’s role to check all legal documentation and certify that it is suitable for use abroad.  They will be checking the validity of the document and the identity, capacity and whether the person requesting the document is authorised to do so.

Often the signature of the person who has notarised the document and their seal will need to be certified by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (known as an Apostille); this is a service we can also offer.

Why use Rotheras for Notary Services?

We can provide notary services for both businesses and individuals.

We can assist you in having a wide range of documents notarised.

We can take Affidavits, oaths, Declarations and acknowledgements.

Our notaries are fully qualified solicitors and are members of the Notaries Society.

We can draw on the expertise of our commercial and private client teams from across the firm.

We can help you with:


  • Certification of academic documents
  • Certified copies of passports and other documents
  • Paperwork for getting married or working abroad
  • Preparation and execution of powers of attorney
  • Certifying documents for use abroad
  • Visa applications
  • Bank documents
  • Lost passports and other documents
  • Purchase of land or property abroad


  • Company powers of attorney
  • Affidavits, statutory declarations and sworn statements
  • Verification of commercial documents
  • Certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association for companies based in the UK and abroad
  • Registration and assignment of trade marks and patents
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“We strive to make every matter as stress free as possible”

Richard Hammond

Notary Public

Contact our Notary Team
Notary Team
Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond is a Dispute Resolution specialist and mediator at Nottingham-based law firm Rotheras Solicitors. Richard is also a notary public, processing client documents for international use.


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