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Environmentally friendly ways of working

Rotheras carefully consider our processes and ways of working to ensure we minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Focussed on the world around us

As a firm we have adopted a culture of sustainability into the 8 core values of our brand, its a key component of who we are and how we do things.

Environmentally sustainable working practises at Rotheras

At Rotheras, we see being a sustainable firm as good business sense that benefits everyone. Re-developing our brand was one of the catalysts for us to begin auditing our processes and identify ways in which we could reduce wastage, minimise the impact on our environment and create a thriving culture of sustainability that is integral to our core values.

We are dedicated to making our offices and working processes greener, reducing our environmental impact in any way that we can. We know that the best way of doing this is by making a collective effort and so our Green Committee was established in 2019. Made up of 10 representatives firmwide, that act as ambassadors for their branch or department area, to encourage staff to suggest ideas for how the firm could be more sustainable, as well as carrying out the agreed work within their areas of work. As a result we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • The removal and replacement of individual waste bins with communal recycling bins, food waste bins and confidential waste
  • Data Rooms/online portal for clients and third parties for the sharing of documents with clients and vice versa, removing the need for hard copies
  • Green Ambassadors on each floor and in each branch to ensure that our Green policy is being implemented in their areas
  • Changing magazine subscriptions to online versions wherever possible
  • Replacing paper towels with hand dryers in toilets
  • Replacing products like tea, coffee and sugar with Fairtrade versions
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Motion sensor lighting that automatically switches off when rooms are not in use
  • Motion sensor taps
  • Replacing all disposable cups with glasses or mugs to reduce plastic wastage
  • We have provided staff with their own Chilli’s water bottles and re-usable coffee cups so that they don’t need to opt for paper or plastic out of the office when ordering coffees and hot drinks
  • Print management software to reduce the amount of printing done by the firm as a whole and the level of carbon monoxide produced
  • A move towards more paperlite practices such as e-documents, e-bills and e-signatures
  • Encouraging staff to shut down their computer at the end of the day rather than leave it on standby
  • Where possible we conduct meetings over video chat to save transport costs and emissions
  • We have invested into hardware and technology to enable staff to be able to work from home

Our sustainability initiatives also extend to benefits for our staff, and we encourage our employees to use more environmentally friendly methods of commuting to work by contributing towards Tram to Work, Bus to Work and Cycle to Work schemes.

The health and wellbeing of our staff is another important factor to us, and we offer a Walking Club and Running Club that anyone can join.

Nurse wearing PPE injecting a man with a covid vaccine in his arm.

Can my employer make me have the Covid Vaccine?

The government has announced that COVID-19 vaccinations are to become mandatory for care home staff. Staff are to be allowed a grace period in which to have the vaccine or face being redeployed away from frontline care or losing their job.

No-fault divorce

No-fault divorce law coming in April 2022

Seeking to put an end to the ‘blame game’, the long awaited ‘no fault’ divorce legislation was given Royal assent and became an Act of Parliament on 25th June 2020. Despite this it is not expected to be implemented until 6th April 2022.

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