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Webinar recording: Covid-19 Essential Updates for the Transport Industry

Webinar 3 Transport Industry

Webinar recap: watch the recording of our recent webinar that details the impact of COVID-19 on the transport industry, with practical advice on how to navigate these issues.

Written by
Transport Solicitor
Chris Powell
Senior Associate Solicitor

This article is now out of date and may not reflect the current law

Our webinar on demand explains the latest Covid-19 legal changes affecting the transport industry and what they mean for your business.

PLEASE NOTE: The legal landscape is fast paced and everchanging, particularly at this time. The content of this webinar was accurate as at the date the webinar was delivered, 13 May 2020. This webinar should not be used as a substitute to legal advice.

Topics covered for the transport industry, include:

• When are you allowed to extend your drivers’ hours?

• Can you get out of a commercial contract you can no longer fulfill?

• What is the correct way to furlough your staff?

• What should you do if you can no longer meet the financial standing requirements for your operator’s licence?

• Can you furlough a transport manager?

The webinar was delivered by the following:

Chris Powell – Transport Solicitor

Billy Shaw – Corporate & Commercial Team

Natalie Abbott– Employment Solcitor

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Our Transport and Commercial Team would be delighted to assist you with any matters you may have arising as a result of the global pandemic. We can also assist your business with Employment Advice. Call us on 0115 9100 600 today.

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